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Surface Mount Twilight Star Panels

The Twilight Star Panel™ from Impact Lighting Inc's EpiXsky Division continues to be the leader in digital star lighting technology.

Bringing the Night Sky Inside is even more exciting than ever.

The popularity of our panels has called for higher demand and inspired us to create more exciting visual effects and more control so you can provide your clients with a wide range of options and open the doors to more creative applications.

Custom shapes and sizes are no problem, and custom effect options are vast. As technology advances so do we! Our Advanced Pro RS232 Controller is more powerful than ever and our custom effects list is growing quickly. From subtile twinkle to fireworks, planets, milky way and nebula effects, constellations, custom logos and more.
Call us to discuss your custom jobs with our designers so they can offer advice and inspiration to help you create the best plan for your clients.

Surface Mount Star Panels.

Twilight standard Surface Mount Panels are produced with 1” fiberglass wrapped in midnight black fabric.
Each panel comes with a built in digital LED Light source that easily “daisy chains” to other panels for simple plug and play wiring.
• Each panel draws only 2.3 watts.
• A 350W power supply powers up to 120 panels.
• Each kit comes with illumnators, cables and installation tools, and power supplies to accomodate.
• 5 Year Warranty





Key Feature:
• UL fire rated materials.
• Material options: Fabric acoustical panel | Armstrong Fissure Panels
• Realistic Star effect.
• Special effects (optional).
• Sound effects option.
• Controlled independently or via home automation RS232 serial command.
• Dimmable via RS232 Controller.
• Optional cove lighting with sunset and morning sky effect.
• Wifi option for control flexibility.
• Custom application to control from iPhone or iPad

Optional special effects include: Shooting star, firework effects, meteor shower, saturn, nebula, milky way, constellations, 3-d moon, earth, mars, custom logo.

Note: Some panels will come with a shooting star ect, which contain one (1) extra Twilight Star Panel Board light source and will increase the panel another 2.5W, for a total of 5W.

View More details and Specifications at EpiXsky.