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Twilight ThinGlow Cove Lighting

Twilight ThinGlow Cove completes the signature glow of the Twilight Panels. Adding more depth and drama to an already incredible star ceiling. Each panel has a built in light shelf designed to seamlessly accept theThinGlow LED’s using 3M double sided tape. ThinGlow can also be used to accent equipment racks, behind TV’s (Bias Lighting), pathway lighting, under bars, etc. Up to 20 ft of ThinGlow can be linked together using our 4 Amp Driver and dimmed using Pulse Width Modulation (PWM).

Decorative lighting (cove lighting, back lighting) for homes, hotels, stores, yachts, bars, automobiles etc; channel letter lighting for your stores, restaurants, bars etc; shop display lighting for your iems. because of its pliability, you can flex impact lighting inc’s LED Thin Glow™ into different shapes and letters. in addition, with its colorful lighting output, you can more easily attract the attention of your potential customers.

• Standard length: 5 meters/reel (16.405 feet)
• ThinGlow™ width: single color 8mm (.31 inches), RGB tri-color 10mm (.39 inches)
• Printed circuit board thickness: single color 0.25mm (.009 inches)
• RGB tri-color 0.2mm (.007 inches)
• Working voltage: 12V DC
• Working current: single color 2A, RGB tri-color 3A
• Entire ribbon LED quantity: single color 300 pcs, RGB tri-color 150pcs
• Size of smallest unit 3 LED (L X W ): single color 50mm X 8mm (1.96 in X .31 in)
• RGB tri-color 100mm X 10mm (3.9 in X .39 in)

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