Twilight Star Ceilings Featured on DIY Channel

The TWILIGHT STAR SYSTEM PANEL is a state of the art module LED star system that creates a nighttime starry effect. The system includes a proprietary LED light source that can generate special effects such as, summer nights, ocean surf and, tropical rain. Moreover, It also includes ambient mood cove lighting, rain, shooting star, and meteor showers .

The TWILIGHT STAR SYSTEM PANEL module can also trigger sound effects that synchronizes with the pre-programmed thunder, lightning and rain effects via the TWILIGHT MELODY unit. The complete system comes with a TWILIGHT MOON module that executes realistic moon phases. The TWILIGHT STAR SYSTEM PANEL system can either perform in standalone mode, or with a RS232 protocol which can be controlled by a third party control system or by the epic's, proprietary wall control, TWILIGHT TOUCH pad to produce effects on demand (in real-time).

TWILIGHT STAR SYSTEM PANEL offer a dramatic and inspiring effect that energizes perspectives on acoustic panels, star ceilings and cove lighting. Our star Panels come in a variety of sizes from 2’ x 2’, 2‘ x 4’, 4’ x 4’, and 4’ x 8’. Star panels come pre-wired with end glow fiber optics and are ready to insert in any existing ceiling grid system. Various size Star Panel kits, individual pre-wired panels, and any custom configurations are also available.

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The TWILIGHT™ Wifi Lighting System is a family of products designed to connect almost any LED lighting to a network in a matter of minutes allowing for easy and flexible integration into any network control solution.


Add an additional moon module that executes realistic moon phases on your TWILIGHT Star Panel System today.